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Coroshingle Shingle Tiles can be used to create an attractive traditional tile finish on a wide range of roofing projects to enhance timber buildings. It is suitable for use on decked roofing projects such as sheds, playhouses, home offices, summer houses and kennels. For this pitched roof shed measuring 2.5m x 2m,  the following materials were required:

  • Coroshingle Tiles x 3 packs
  • Coroshingle Detail Strip x 2 Rolls 
  • Bitumen Sealant x 1 Cartridge
  • 20mm Clout Nails x 300

The installation only required standard DIY tools:

  • Stanley Knife
  • Hot Air Gun
  • Hammer
  • Skeleton Gun
  • Tape Measure
  • Work Bench
  • Step Ladder
  • Short Length of Batten


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