Corovent Tile & Slate Cowl Vents

Interlocking Tile Cowl Vent

Interlocking and Plain Tile Cowl Vent (Large) CV20K/CP20K

A low profile cowl vent featuring a small large cowl providing 20,000mm2 ventilation area. The cowl incorporates barriers to prevent water ingress and block wind driven rain, allowing the water to drain away downslope. Ariel Plastics have a comprehensive range of tile cowl vents available to match most known plain and profiled tiles, with specials available on short lead times. A colour matching service ensures that even on a weathered roof the Corovent will blend discreetly with the existing tiles.


  • Incorporates barriers to prevent water ingress
  • Provides 20,000mm2 of ventilation
  • CV20K features a large spigot for roof ventilation
  • CP20K features a pipe terminal for either 110mm or 125mm connections
  • Can be made to suit a wide range of tiles and slates (please check for availability)
  • Colour matching service available
  • One felt sleeve (FW1) is supplied with each unit

ideal for

  • Roof pitches over 20°


Full installation details are available on request from the Technical Department.

Tile Cowl Vent Technical Data

Tile Vent Ventilation Area Airflow Resistance Roof Pitches Water Resistance
 CV20K  20 000mm2  N/A  Over 20° Exceeds all relevant parts of DoE Partners in Technology Programme
 CP20K  20 000mm2
 9.5 Pascals @ 30 ltr/sec  Over 20°
Exceeds all relevant parts of DoE Partners in Technology Programme

Installation: Cowl or Roofline Vents for Tile Roof

  1. Complete roofing to one course below the position for the tile vent.
  2. Hold vent in position as centrally as possible between the rafters and mark where the vent spigot touches the underlay. 
  3. Cut underlay in a cross, fold up and back.
  4. Insert felt weir, if using, under batten above opening, positioning it centrally above the hole.
  5. Nail felt weir to the batten.
  6. Nail felt over the battens.


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