Corovent Soffit Vent

Ariel provide a range of soffit vents designed for use with a traditional fascia and soffit board. Available in black, brown or white, soffit vents can be used with any roof pitch. 

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  • Use for Neat fixing between the soffit board and the vent

    Continuous Soffit Vent

    Provides continuous ventilation along the length of the soffit (SV10/SV25)

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  • Use for Top or bottom of soffit board

    Angled Soffit Vent

    Versatile soffit vent that can be used with vertical or angled fascia boards (SA10)

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  • Use for Incorporating an insect grill

    Soffit Vent Disc

    Easy to retro fit to a soffit during refurbishment (SD20)

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Why Corovent Soffit Vents

  • Easy to install
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Ideal for both new and existing buildings
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