Corovent Eaves Ventilation

Overfascia Vents

Over Fascia Vents OV10/FV10/FV25

Corovent Over Fascia Vents are discreet methods of eaves ventilation which is highly effective despite being virtually invisible. Made from lightweight yet, very strong polypropylene, it features a 4mm grill stopping large insects or small rodents getting into the roof void.


  • Easy to install
  • Minimum disruption to eaves detail
  • Continuous ventilation
  • Corrosion and rot resistant

ideal for

  • Buildings with or without soffit overhangs
  • Buildings with corbelled eaves


Full installation details are available on request from the Technical Department.


1.Lower the fascia board to allow for vent.
2.Vent is fitted on top of fascia using locating lugs pushed against the front of fascia board.
3. It is possible to nail anywhere along the top face, but a mounded marking line is provided for guidance.
4.Butt where necessary and cut to length at verges.
5.Corbelled eaves - the FV10 incorporates a fixing bead along the back of the vent.


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