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Corodrain Dry Fix Joining Gutters are manufactured in high performance GRP, a tough and long lasting alternative to lead which is cheaper, quicker to install and less prone to vandalism and theft. The joining gutters create a waterproof joint between two different roof coverings on tiled pitched roofs, without the need for mortar. Two profile options are available with central upstands at 100mm and 70mm.  They can be retrofitted to existing roofs or installed on  new roof with minimal disturbance to the adjacent roof and property.



  • Dry fix mortar free installation
  • 2 height options available (70mm and 100mm upstands)
  • UV light and acid rain resistant
  • Similar in appearance to lead
  • Less prone to theft
  • Quick to install
  • Smooth surface inhibits the growth off moss and lichen and build-up of debris
  • Fire resistance to SAB to BS476 part 3 and Class 3 BS476 part 7


ideal for

  • Minimum roof pitch 17.5° degrees
  • High Profile 100mm: high profile tiles on one or both sides, flat interlocking and plain tiles
  • Low Profile 70mm: slates, low profile, flat interlocking and plain tiles



Refer to the Corodrain Dry Fix Joining Gutter leaflet for installation instructions.


Make good underlay and battens over the party wall.

Prepare adjoining roof – renew nails, cut slates or tiles to middle of party wall.

Fit Joining Gutter under the adjoining slates or tiles to the middle of the party wall, ensuring adjoining roof tile fit against the central upstand of the joining gutter. Repair, replace, secure and make good adjoining roof tiling where necessary.

Allow 150mm overlap between lengths and terminate to ensure effective discharge into gutter.

Nail in place.

Butt new roof up to central upstand, ensure all tiles and part tiles are securely fixed as required following Regulations and tile manufacturer’s instructions.


Roofing battens need to be cut back leaving a gap of 75mm across the party wall.

A bed of mortar must be laid in the gap, from ridge to eaves along the party wall, (joining the party wall to the bottom of the gutter).

Then fit joining gutter as above.



GRP lasts as long as lead, is tougher, cheaper, more resistant to accidental damage, and is less prone to theft or vandalism. Using preformed GRP Dry Fix Joining Gutter saves significant installation time over traditional methods. Roofers report elimination of many problems with valley troughs when changing from lead to CORODRAIN GRP. Coloured lead grey as standard (other colours available on request). 

Made with high quality un-filled polyester resin with glass fibre reinforcement for maximum strength. A tough bonded melinex film gives excellent weathering performance. Minimum life of 30 years. 

Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard, at our automated continuous pultrusion plant in Coventry. All available from stock for rapid delivery to site.

The inherent qualities of the materials make the gutters UV light and acid rain resistant, and the smooth surface finish inhibits the growth of moss, lichen and the build up of debris.




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