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Onduline Mini Fixings

Onduline Mini Sheet Fixings

Onduline Mini Fixings are specially designed for use with Onduline Mini Bitumen Sheets when installed on timber. The waterproof cap is coloured black and the fixing is galvanised for longevity.



  • Galvanised fixing
  • Colour coded waterproof cap
  • Black
  • Packs of 20

ideal for

  • Play Houses
  • Tool Sheds
  • Kennels
  • Garden Rooms
  • Summer Houses



Installation guidance available on request.


Properties Coroline Onduline Mini Onduline
Sheet Size 2000mm x 950mm 2000mm x 866mm 2000mm x 950mm
Cover Width 855mm 768mm 855mm
Thickness 2.6mm 2.6mm 3.0mm
Sheet Weight 5.6kg 5.8kg 6.4kg

38mm height
95mm width

24mm height
48mm width

38mm height
95mm width


Sheet Requirements
To calculate the number of sheets required to complete your roof, measure the width of the roof and divide this figure by the cover width -
ie: the roof is 3000mm wide, divide by 768mm = 3.9 sheets. 

Round this figure up to the nearest full sheet - 4 sheets will be required.

Fixings Requirements
Divide the roof width by the fixing centres. Divide the roof length by the support centres and add 3.
Multiply these two values together .

= approximate number of fixings required.

Thermal Properties
U Value 4.4W2K

15 Year Warranty
This product is covered by a 15 year waterproof guarantee. A replacement is provided free of charge if the product has failed to remain waterproof, in normal weather conditions within a 15 year period from the date of purchase.
Coroline MUST be fixed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for the warranty to remain valid. Re-erections or consequential damage costs are not included.



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