Onduline Mini Roofing Sheet & Accessories

Favoured for it's mini profile, Onduline Mini is a super strong bitumen roofing material. Light in weight and easy to install, it is ideal for the roofs of timber buildings such as play houses, garden offices, tool sheds and kennels. Accessories include mini fixings, eaves tray, cloaking piece and ventilator strip.

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  • Use for Play Houses, Sheds, Kennels

    Onduline Mini Sheet

    Bitumen Roofing & Cladding Sheet

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  • Use for Installing Onduline Mini sheet on a timber structure

    Onduline Mini Fixings

    Fixings for use with Onduline Mini bitumen sheets

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Why Onduline Mini Bitumen Sheet and Accessories

  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Light in weight   
  • Easy to install
  • Available in Black and Green colours 
  • Complete installation accessories
  • Guaranteed waterproof for 10 years
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