NEW Single Taped Harcon VPU

Ariel Plastics have introduced new single taped Harcon VPU options to its range of roofing underlays, to assist installers in achieving satisfying requirements for taping to prevent wind uplift and improve thermal efficiency.

With increasingly extreme weather conditions throughout the UK, greater responsibility has been placed on the roofing underlay to cope with increasing wind forces.  The potential effect of an underlay subjected to excessive wind loading is for it to balloon upwards potentially causing the tiles or slates to dislodge.  This issue has been addressed in the latest revision to BS5534 : 2014 Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling, effective from March 2015.  The guidance outlines the minimum requirements for taping the side laps of roofing underlays dependent on the exposure of the roof to wind uplift, batten gauge and the underlay selected.

In addition to the prevention of wind uplift, the taping of side laps of roofing underlays also assists in improving the thermal performance of a building. Taping reduces air filtration and convective heat loss thereby increasing thermal efficiency and as such, is regarded as standard practice for today’s energy efficient modern building. 

The expansion of Ariel’s Harcon VPU range, to include single taped vapour permeable underlay in 102gsm and 125gsm weights, has been in direct response to market demand for a ‘ready taped’ easy to install option to meet requirements.  The single taped option provides ease of installation and flexibility of joint position. There is also reduced wastage on site when compared to dual taped options as the roll width can be reduced to suit project requirements.

For further information on Ariel’s Harcon VPU Taped range click here and for more information on taping requirements in the UK and Ireland according to the five distinct wind zones download the Harcon VPU leaflet.

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