NEW 2017 Product and Price Guide

NEW Ariel Plastics Product Guide (PGAP12)

Ariel Plastics, the UK’s leading national plastics distributor, has released its newly updated Product Guide, issue PGAP12.  Providing comprehensive information on Ariel's wide range of roofing ventilation and drainage, roofing sheet, rooflights and roofing accessories available for delivery throughout the UK. 

The Ariel Product Guide provides an easy-to-read, easy-to-use product bible for use at the merchant counter which provides a full product listing with trade pricing.  New product additions for this issue include Mardome Glass flat glass rooflights, Corozinc corrugated galvanised roofing sheet, Harcon VPU Taped vapour permeable underlay in options in 125g and 102g sheet weights.

Renowned for providing specialist roofing and glazing solutions for a wide range of applications, Ariel Plastics continues to invest in its product range and offers the widest range of roofing sheet, rooflights and roofing accessories available in the UK, attuned to today’s fast paced and competitive merchant counter.

Paul Goddard, Sales Director at Ariel Plastics commented: “The new issue of the Product Guide contains exciting new product additions including Mardome Glass, taped Harcon VPU and Corozinc.  These product developments are in response to market demand and provide sound commercial oppportunities for our merchant customers.  Ariels Product Guide is a valuable resource for our customers and has been specifically designed to show off our expansive range of roofing solutions in a more straightforward format. It will enable customers to compare products, systems and trade prices with ease.”

Ariel’s latest Product Guide Product (PGAP12) released on 1/5/17  is available as a PDF and can also be requested as a printed version. 

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