Harcon VPU in 3 Weights

Harcon VPU, a premium quality roofing underlay with superb vapour permeability, is available from Ariel Plastics in 3 weight options: 208gsm, 125gsm and 92gsm.

Renowned for its exceptional nail and tear strength, Harcon VPU is a quality, reliable, low resistance, air barrier roofing underlay. Durable, flexible and lightweight, it allows for easy installation and provides a robust, protective shield against dust.

Specifically designed to allow the ready transfer of water vapour to reduce the risk of condensation in the roof void, Harcon VPU is suitable for use in conventional cold and warm pitched roofs and in fully-supported or unsupported (draped) applications.

When Harcon VPU is used in warm pitched roof applications, additional ventilation may be required to enclosed voids or cavities. In cold pitched roofs applications, there may be no need to ventilate the roof space as the vapour permeability of the VPU membrane allows moisture to safely diffuse through the underlay. However, measures will need to be taken to reduce moisture diffusion into the roof void.

Recent changes to BS 5534:2014 relating to wind uplift requirements, now require some membranes, in areas susceptible to high winds, to be taped.  For more information about taping requirements for Harcon VPU membranes, refer to www.arielplastics.com.

BBA certified and BS55534:2014 compliant, Harcon VPU provides exceptional resistance to water penetration to ensure roofs remain dry – whatever the weather. 

To find out more visit Harcon VPU or sales@arielplastics.com

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