Slate Dry Verge System & Accessories

Slate Dry Verge

Slate Dry Verge

Manufactured from UV stabilised and recyclable polypropylene, Ariel's Slate Dry Verge System is a slate grey colour which blends well with any roof made from natural slate. To allow for quick and easy installation, no special tools are required saving on both time and labour costs. 


  • Manufactured from UV stabilised and recyclable polypropylene
  • Slate colour which blends with the roof
  • Compatible with Natural Slate
  • Quick and easy to fix, no special tools required

ideal for

  • Roofing Projects 


Full installation details are available on request from the Technical Department.

Ensure correct accessories are chosen to match Corovent Slate Dry Verge

Length: 2m

Slate Grey


  • Slate Dry Verge Ridge Cap

    Slate Dry Verge Angled Ridge Cap

    End Cap for use with Corovent Slate Dry Verge

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